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HispanoLab arose from the idea that learning Spanish means both acquiring the language and delving into its culture. Taking a Spanish course is therefore like opening a door to the entire fascinating Hispanic world: another language is another life.

Why “Lab”? The Spanish courses provided by HispanoLab are designed to promote learning through practical and interactive activities.

All recent studies demonstrate that activities like discussions, games and simulations of everyday situations are the most effective methods to learn any language.

HispanoLab is a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment: learning Spanish will be effective when the approach to learning is geared towards having fun!





Learning Spanish
in an effective and enjoyable way!


My Experience


My name is Yurena Pérez, I am from Tenerife, Spain. I am professionally certified Spanish Teacher Advanced ELE (Español como Lengua Extranjera) and SVEB (Schweizerischer Verband für Weiterbildung). I am passionate about languages and teaching methodologies and I have a broad experience in CLT (Communicative Language Teaching).
I’ve been working as a Spanish teacher for several years in Spain and Switzerland with students of all ages and levels, and from all over the world. I have successfully enabled my students to express themselves with confidence in any Spanish-speaking context, either for leisure or business.
I design and plan Spanish courses for different needs, adapting the course contents to the students’ individual aims and targets.Courses are designed according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
My Spanish courses make use of a broad variety of mediums which enable students to develop all the linguistic skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing.
My course delivery method encourages students to increase their learning motivation by building quickly on positive and rewarding results.
It is proven a fact that a fun and enjoyable learning atmosphere improves students’ performance.






A track record of success




Nach Englisch möchte ich gerne die spanische Sprache konversationssicher erlernen um meinem Hobby das Reisen auch in Lateinamerika nachzukommen.
Yure bereitet abwechselungsreich den Unterricht vor und geht auch gerne auf Wünsche und Vorbereitungen wie z. B. Reisen ein und trainiert praxisnahe Interaktionen.
Mittlerweile kann ich Konversationen führen und die wichtigsten Bedürfnisse auf meinen Reisen in der spanischen Sprache ausdrücken.

André Schülke, Head of Finance – Swiss Life International (Zürich)


Yure is an excellent teacher, cheerful, honest and authentic person!
I enjoy meeting with her. It’s very easy to catch her lessons from the beginning.
Our meetings are often very funny and pleasant.

Tina Zimmermann, Research Associate – Vifor Pharma


Yurena is a fantastic Spanish teacher, I cannot recommend her highly enough. She prepares very interesting lessons and has taught me to comprehend Spanish grammar to a level beyond my expectations. Yurena has allowed me to consolidate concepts within the language that had previously eluded me. Muchas gracias!

Annalaura Vögeli

I chose HispanoLab because of its central location and good prices. When I first arrived I couldn’t speak any Spanish but since I’ve made a lot of progress.

Yure is very kind and friendly and a brillant teacher.

Sandra Müller – Executive Assistant





Time-effective Spanish courses
with a strong focus on practice


Spanish courses

All courses content includes a rich and wide variety of original language materials (trailers, movies, readings) and insights in to Spanish colloquial speech which add an extraordinary additional linguistic value. Our Spanish courses also include topical and emerging issues and embrace relevant cultural and social themes, providing an unique window to the Hispanic world.

Face to face – Crash

Take “F2F – crash course” Spanish communication only for you. It is specifically for people who need to make maximun progress from the first day. Students are particularly encouraged to develop their confidence in spoken Spanish.

Face to face course (individual)
5 lessons x 90 min = 549 CHF
10 lessons x 90 min = 999 CHF
At your office in Zurich (+15% charge)
Price 67 CHF/h
Sign-up today! Send me an email and get a free trial lesson.
Payment by instalments possible (at the end of each month)

Travel – Crash

You will be able to express yourself in basic situations at hotel, restaurant, hospital, shopping, etc. Native teacher will help you to improve your listening comprehension and you will discover many different cultural insights.

Course (4-6 participants)
120 min x 10 weeks
5% discount on group course
Price 490 CHF
Sign-up today! Send me an email and get a free trial lesson.
Payment by instalments possible (at the end of each month)


Group Plus

Optimal communication course with a maximun of 6 students. The classes follow a “Communication Framework” to ensure a good mixture of skills. Lots of opportunities for practising with other students many different daily situations in Spanish and much more.

Course (4-6 participants)
120 min x 21 weeks
ALL teaching material
1 detective novel
5% discount on the next course
Price 949 CHF
Sign-up today! Send me an email and get a free trial lesson.
Payment by instalments possible (at the end of each month)

Group Pro

Would you like to learn Spanish also in your business area? In this course we combine general Spanish with business Spanish. It’s made to measure with only 3-4 participants.

Course (3-4 participants)
120 min x 21 weeks
ALL teaching material
5% discount on the next course
Price 1290 CHF
Sign-up today! Send me an email and get a free trial lesson.
Payment by instalments possible (at the end of each month)





An expanding
universal language

Courses Plan


Course Start Time
Face to Face / Crash Whenever you like From 7 to 15 h
Group Plus
(21 weeks)
08/11/16 - 18/04/17
07/02/17 - 04/07/17
Tuesday 20 - 22 h
Tuesday 18 - 20 h
Travel - Crash (10 weeks) 07/02/17 - 18/04/17 Tuesday 16 - 18 h
Group Pro
(21 weeks)
On request On request
Group Plus (21 weeks) 06/02/17 - 07/08/17 (with summer break) Monday 18-20 h


Interested in another day?
All levels.
Just send an email.

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A Hispanic corner
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